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Create Luma AI Videos with luma dream aiInstantly, free

Luma Dream ai is a free, instant-access video generation model that transforms text and images into high-quality videos. Experience the power of Luma AI and create stunning videos effortlessly.

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Luma Dream AI Examples

luma dram ai Examples generated by users

Luma Dream AI Features

With Luma Dream AI, you can create multiple styles of your videos at ease

Incredibly Fast Generation

Luma Dream AI generates high-quality videos at an astounding speed, producing 120 frames in just 120 seconds.

Realistic and Consistent Motion

Luma Dream AI models complex spatiotemporal motions, ensuring video content is highly realistic and seamlessly consistent.

High Character Consistency

Luma Dream AI excels in maintaining character consistency and simulating real-world physical characteristics in generated videos.

Natural Camera Movements

With Luma Dream AI, camera movements are smooth and natural, perfectly matching the emotional tone of each scene.

3 easy steps

Create Stunning Videos with luma dream ai


Open luma dream ai

Open luma dream ai and go to Create Section

Create Luma AI Videos


Enter Your Prompt/Image

Input your text or image prompt into the provided field. This is where the magic of Luma AI begins, transforming your ideas into realistic videos.

luma dream ai prompt or image input


Wait for 1-2 Minutes

Sit back and relax for just 2 minutes. Luma AI will work its magic, generating your high-quality video quickly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

What is Luma Dream AI and how does it function?

Luma Dream AI is a powerful AI platform that drives high-quality video generation. It utilizes advanced transformer models to generate realistic videos quickly from text and images. The platform is designed to handle complex spatiotemporal motions, ensuring physically accurate and consistent video content.

Is Luma Dream AI free to use?

Yes, Luma Dream AI is currently completely free to use. You can create high-quality videos without any cost.

What is the pricing for Luma Dream AI?

At the moment, Luma Dream AI is entirely free. The team may introduce pricing plans in the future, but currently, you can enjoy all its features without any charges.

How can I use Luma Dream AI?

To use Luma Dream AI, simply visit the Luma Dream AI website, log in, and enter your text or image prompt. The AI will generate your high-quality video in just 2 minutes.

What kind of videos can Luma Dream AI generate?

Luma Dream AI can generate a wide range of high-quality videos, including those with realistic and consistent motion, high character consistency, and natural camera movements. It ensures that the videos are physically accurate and emotionally resonant.

How fast is the video generation process with Luma Dream AI?

Luma Dream AI generates videos at an incredible speed, producing 120 frames in just 120 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest video generation tools available.

Can Luma Dream AI maintain character consistency in videos?

Yes, Luma Dream AI excels in maintaining character consistency and can simulate real-world physical characteristics, ensuring that the generated videos are coherent and realistic.

Are the camera movements in the generated videos natural?

Absolutely. Luma Dream AI ensures that camera movements are smooth and natural, perfectly matching the emotional tone and context of each scene.

What are the current limitations of Luma Dream AI?

While Luma Dream AI is highly advanced, it is continually improving. Current limitations include some issues with morphing, movement, and text integration. The team is actively working on enhancing these areas.

How can I see examples of videos generated by Luma Dream AI?

You can visit the Luma Dream AI creations page to see a variety of examples showcasing the high-quality videos generated by the platform.